Serum analysis_EN

Serum analysis

We offer a comprehensive quantitative analysis of the selenium status in serum via the following parameters:

– Selenium concentration
indicates how much selenium is absorbed through the diet

– Selenoprotein P (SELENOP)
the selenium transporter indicates the bioavailability and reserves of selenium in the body

– Selenoprotein P autoantibody (SELENOP-aAb)
indicates whether there is an increased need for selenium

– extracellular glutathione peroxidase (GPX3)
indicates whether selenium metabolism is optimal in the liver and kidney.

If desired, we can determine the parameters individually or in combination.

The overall assessment of all four parameters has proven to be particularly meaningful for determining the personal selenium status and individual selenium requirements (Demircan et al. 2021, Demircan et al. 2022).

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